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Academic Challenges

Enlightium Academy is dedicated to offering resources for students in need of an AIMS or ISP Modifications Plan, as well as, a 504 Accommodations Plan.

As a private school, Enlightium Academy (Enlightium) has several options when providing effective support to students with academic challenges and health impairments. However, we are unable to provide the same type of programs that public schools provide, due to the laws that govern educational funding for students with academic challenges.

Additional Information

  • AIMS/RD-ISP and 504 Support Plans are available for the duration of the traditional school year. Support for academic challenges or health impairments is not available over the summer.
  • AIMS/RD-ISP Modifications Plans are not available for Bronze, Silver, Primary School, and Part-Time students. 504 Accommodations Plans are available for all eligible Enlightium students.
  • The $250 team meeting fee is due prior to the scheduling; this is a portion of the $1,250 yearly add-on cost, so the remaining $1,000 is due within 30 days of the plan’s effective date unless another arrangement is authorized. View the Pricing Chart for more information.
  • Enlightium students with academic, cognitive, intellectual, learning, and health challenges interested in taking college-bound exams (i.e. PSAT, SAT, ACT) are required by ACT and CollegeBoard to have an active plan with their school prior to requesting accommodations for an exam. Accommodation requests take 6–8 weeks to be approved. Therefore, it is imperative to begin the process early.

Available Add-On Plans

Scheduling an Appointment

For general information, feel free to contact a counselor at aims504@enlightiumacademy.com.

Learn how to schedule a Calendly appointment.

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