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How To Keep Your Students Motivated

You might be sitting with a cup of coffee in your hand as you feel overwhelmed by all of your failed attempts to keep your homeschooled child motivated. I understand; I feel your pain. When a child is born, we as parents have all these visions about that child, and we can imagine how the future should unfold. We can see them graduate from a dream college, and start an amazing career. Then the child starts preschool or kindergarten and our sand castle starts to fall apart. The well-planned path becomes bumpy, and the ride is not so enjoyable. You are exhausted and don't know what to do. I probably won't resolve all of your worries, but I would like to cheer for you because you are an excellent parent. You are trying to do the best for your child, but there will still be days when things don't turn out as you had hoped.

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